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4 new creator tools for Facebook and Instagram

Meta has just announced new tools to help creators reach new audiences, grow their communities, and monetize their content. Let’s jump in.

1. Updates to digital collectibles

Creators will soon have the ability to make and sell their own digital collectibles on and off Instagram. About creators, Meta says “They’ll have an end-to-end toolkit — from creation (starting on the Polygon blockchain) and showcasing, to selling. People can easily support their favorite creators by buying their digital collectibles directly within Instagram. We’re testing these new features with a small group of creators in the US first, and hope to expand to more countries soon.”

Meta is also expanding the types of digital collectibles that you can showcase on Instagram to include video and adding support for the Solana blockchain and Phantom wallet

Information for select collections where the metadata has been enriched by OpenSea, such as collection names and descriptions, will also be available on Instagram.

01 Digital Collectibles
02 Digital Collectibles

2. Subscriptions on Instagram

Meta is expanding access to subscriptions on Instagram to all eligible creators in the U.S., so more creators can earn predictable income and connect more deeply with their most engaged followers.

03 Ig Subscriptions

3. Stars and gifts

For creators already using Stars, Meta is launching additional features to make it easier to earn Stars and interact with Star senders. Meta is testing the new feature with a select number of creators globally. 

From the Meta help guide:

  • Bringing Stars Party to Reels. A Stars Party is a Stars community challenge that ends in a celebration if the creator reaches their goal. 
  • Testing a new set of virtual gifts tailored to specific content. For example, if you’re watching a puppy reel from your favorite pet creator, you’ll be able to send that creator a dog-themed gift. 
  • Giving creators more tools to engage with Stars senders, like adding a filter in Comments Manager that displays all of a creator’s Stars comments in one place. In this surface, creators will be able to reply to multiple comments at once.
  • Bringing Stars to non-video public content like photos and text posts.
04 Stars

Gifts on Instagram have been introduced so creators have a new way to earn money from fans who like their Reels. Fans can send gifts on Reels by purchasing Stars within Instagram.

Meta is testing this with a small group of creators in the US.

06 Ig Gifts
07 Ig Gifts

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4. Professional mode for Facebook profiles

Professional mode offers creators a set of tools to begin growing a global community from their personal profile. Creators can become eligible to earn money through Stars, ads on Facebook Reels, in-stream ads and Reels Play. They will also have access to content and audience analytics, educational resources and more.

08 Proffessional Mode
09 Proffessional Mode

Why we care. Both seasoned and brand-new or aspiring creators can use these new tools to reach communities, grow their audiences, and earn money through Facebook and Instagram.

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