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45+ experts’ email marketing strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Big shopping days like Black Friday are extremely popular and email marketing busiest time of the year! I asked 45+ email marketing experts and designers to give their best tips and strategy for email marketing during BIG shopping days.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Valentines, and the whole holiday shopping season are great excuses to delight your email subscribers and clients. Giving discount and exclusive offers while keeping your Brand intact. And with new events like Prime Day, Giving Tuesday, and Singles Day, there seems to be no end in sight. Due to changing customer behavior, this year’s Shopping events will sure be bigger and a bit different…

Design your emails for impact

Mattia Arnau

Black Friday should be definitely Mobile First. It might be useful to keep in mind that BF and CM, in many countries are normal working days. People are busy and they are trying to get their deals while they are doing stuff, working, doing housework, etc.

That’s why an accurate mobile version of your campaign could be key, especially during Black Week.

Mattia Arnaù, Creative Director at BEE by MailUp Group

Amy El

First tip (and this applies to email marketing in general but is especially important during a time when you’re competing for attention in the inbox more than ever): Make sure your emails are responsive and display well across a variety of devices. Special events and holidays are times to get creative and flashy with email design and because of this, sometimes responsiveness is forgotten. 

Second: Find something to make your promotions stand out. This is especially great if you can find a way to give back and not make Black Friday all about sales (that truly would be unique!). For example, supporting a special cause with each sale. I’ve also seen some cool examples where companies turn the whole thing into a game or challenge, which adds fun to the campaign.

Amy El, Content Writer at The Remote Company

Matthew Harris

What a great topic! Why not try something a little different this shopping season?

Roughly 40% of email clients support audio in email, with autoplay supported in Apple Mail. Worth a test. If you’re really interested in setting yourself apart, I’d recommend investing in some AMP powered email shopping experiences. With AMP we can do live inventory, countdowns, and product customization right in the email.

Matthew Harris, Founder of Dyspatch.io

Couple of tips which I use for my Black Friday campaigns:

1. Include the key message/discount in front of your subjectline/snippet. And test whether the message is clear on both mobile and desktop.

2. Use some striking signs in your subjectline. Example, last year Westwing used these black square signs besides their key message: ███. That really stood out among the other BF mails in the inbox which raised extra attention.

3. Choose your sending times wisely. When you mail in the morning. There is a high change that at the end of black friday your mail shifted down in the inboxes of your subscribers. So I normally use reminder(s) for non-openers.

4. Within the email, use countdown timers to create sense of urgency and tell your subsciber how much time their is left to use the BF discount. -> PRO tip: using this with a personalized offer based on purchase history will rase your CTO and CR These are, of course, just a few tips.

Kevin Ruhe, E-mailmarketeer a.i. – Bakker.com, ai at e-village and more.
…and DDMA email marketer of the year (I am not saying which year!)

Yuliana Padelien

From a design point of view one of the most important aspects are the product images.

These should match with the existing brand guidelines and further enhance the visual identity and brand personality.

Yuliana Pandelieva, Graphic Designer at BEE by MailUp Group

Muxiangpajerski 100

Less flashing and cheesy, more clean and elegant animated GIFs can add fun to almost all emails at any time.

I like the emails with a clear hierarchy and a clear main message, less-is-more is always a style or a standard that I would like to go with.

Content-wise, I anticipate most sales happen online, so there are no waiting lines and time limits for opening hours. Those are all good selling points other than low prices. BlackFriday doesn’t have to be black this season! A good message.

Muxiang Pajerski, Creative Supervisor at Measured Marketing

Susanne Sinke 100

Design your email in dark mode 😂

JR: Special #emailgeek prize if you got that one in combo with Black Friday 😛

Susanne Sinke, Creative Campaign Manager at Coface

Andreadallara 100

Insert animations! 🙂 Gifs allow you to make BFMC emails with more interactive and visually engaging content that attracts and keeps the readers’ attention. 👀

JR: Do you have an example of one that you made or like (and why)?

Andrea Dall’Ara, Digital Graphic Designer at BEE by MailUp Group

Email automation: start early and prepare your audience with sequences

Kalo Yankulov

Start early. A lot of companies start the promotion 24-48 hours before Black Friday. At that time people’s inboxes are going crazy and it’s hard to stand out. Start early and prepare (hype?) your audience for your discounts.

We are going to start a week or even a month earlier with a simple time-based sequence, share some sneak peeks into the new features we plan to launch on Black Friday and of course, get them pumped for some exciting discounts.

Kalo Yankulov – Founder of Encharge.io

Dela Quist

Don’t overlook Halloween it generates high levels of engagement providing marketers with a great opportunity to reactivate customers, as well as create and test customized journeys ahead of the bigger holidays to come.

Use the month of October to reactivate customers before the core holiday push. Go through your unengaged list 2 to 3 times to get customers to start opening messages again. Any revenue you generate is a bonus! The goal is to re-engage your unengaged subscribers in advance of Black Friday.

Dela Quist, Founder and CMO at Alchemy Worx & Touchstone Intelligent Marketing

Matheus Alonso

I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that Black Friday and CyberMonday start way BEFORE its actual date.

Inboxes get really crowded during this special sales event, so you need to warm up and prepare your users beforehand so when the day comes, they’re ready to CONVERT. The sooner, the better. Wishing everyone luck and lots of sales in November 🚀

Matheus Alonso, Country Manager – Brazil and Portugal at Benchmark Email

Petr Gadlina

Don’t overthink it! 🤯 Especially if you are an early stage startup. Create your campaign and launch it!

JR: Where do you think that people mostly overthink it?

When the campaign is prepared and ready to be launched – I have often witnessed that people change their marketing copy many times and try to push it to make it the best campaign in the world. The truth is that’s probably not going to happen. And there are also other important things that you should focus on.

Petr Gadlina, Manager of TOPOL.io

Gavin Laugenie

Catchy subject lines and gifs can excite them in the email. But then don’t forget customers will be shopping around for the best deals on lots of different sites.

So have your abandon cart emails ready to go. Reduce the time between the cart being abandoned and the email send to have maximum impact.
After that, make sure you follow up with a post-purchase review email, as there’ll be lots to learn from possibly the two biggest selling days of the year. Use those learnings to boost your strategy going forward.

Gavin Laugenie, Global Head of Content at dotdigital

Karyn Strybos

eCommerce retailers can lose a huge % of sales on abandoned carts, and Black Friday is no different. My tip is to automate your abandoned cart emails, bringing shoppers back by reminding them of the item’s in their cart.

According to research, three- part email abandoned cart workflows are significantly more effective at boosting sales. So if you only have one running, increase it.

You could also look at pulling in some other Black Friday deals into your (abandoned cart or normal) mailers to cross promote.

Karyn Strybos, Marketing Manager at Everlytic

Palash Nag

Make sure to switch to a more automated email marketing software that allows automation if you’ve got a large list. It’ll make your life easier. Also look for lead scoring, it’ll be very very helpful.

Palash Nag, Hubspot Certified Freelance SaaS Content Writer

Holiday Dance Break

Black Friday SaaS deals dance break!
We bundled over 45 Black Friday SaaS Deals. This will easily save you hundreds of dollars.

If that doesn’t make you dance, I don’t know what will.

Now on with more Automation tips...

Jeff Ginsberg

If you are not using your shopping cart abandonment series you are missing the boat. 🛥️
It’s guaranteed to bring you more money! (if done right)

Look at these stats from Sleeknote:
The Average Cart Abandonment Rate Across All Industries is 69.57 Percent 
Mobile Users Have an Even Higher Abandonment Rate of 85.65 Percent 
E-Commerce Brands Lose $18 Billion in Sales Revenue Each Year Because of Cart Abandonment 
Extra Costs are the Number One Reason Why Shoppers Abandon
Being Forced to Create an Account is the Number Two Reason People Abandon
57 Percent of Shoppers Will Abandon if They Have to Wait Three Seconds for a Page to Load 
55 Percent of Shoppers Will Abandon if They Have to Re-Enter Their Credit Card or Shipping Information 
46 Percent of Shoppers Abandon Because a Discount Code Doesn’t Work 
Using Retargeted Ads Can Send 26 Percent of Shoppers Back to Your Site 
Personalizing Retargeted Ads Can Lead to ROIs of Over 1,300 Percent 

All great areas where we can sharpen our shopping cart abonnement series.

Jeff Ginsberg, Chief eMail Officer at the eMail company

Frequency and engagement

Peter Van Der Schaar

Increase or decrease the number of mails sent based on engagement. Schedule daily mailings or even two mailings per day during black friday week, but…. only for highly engaged recipients.

Measure engagement based on opens and clicks of previous Black Friday content.

For less engaged audiences, slow it down and send one highly focussed mailcontaining the proposition with the highest chance of success per recipient.

JR: Cool to know is that Peter and team have been working on some AI to optimize sending times and schedule for publishers.

Peter van der Schaar, Chief of Marketing & Founder at BaseDriver (dutch ESP for publishers)

Marcel Nanning 1

These days also offer opportunities for B2B marketing.

My advice: Always approach it from a campaign-perspective, not from an ad-hoc-perspective:

– start months before and plan your campaign
– involve all the stakeholders in the process from the start
– put effort in a distinctive creative concept
– build up a sequence of at least a few weeks
– do something different with the offer: don’t (just) give a discount but give something extra
– don’t forget to have fun setting up your campaign!

Marcel Nanning, Owner at Nanning Marketing

Reece Miller

Personalised content always hits the spot!

As a preferred online shopper, I only engage with emails that are personalised to me, emails that are showing me products that I’ve looked at/clicked on and telling me what I’m missing out on (new price, or back in stock etc).

Customers want to be shown content specific to them and for me personally, I want to be able to increase the speed from seeing my product is cheaper or back in stock to clicking through and buying.

Reece Miller, Business Development Representative at Emarsys

Scott D

Send one more email than you are comfortable sending (to engaged audiences). Especially at the fringe times – earlier on Thanksgiving and later at night on Cyber Monday have yielded big results.

JR: You are saying fringe times, what does that mean – and why do you think that has worked so well?

Many brands start with notions like “no way should we send 3 emails on Cyber Monday” or “we don’t want to send before 3 pm on Thanksgiving day”. By getting in the inbox earlier in the day – or staying competitive later in the day, you get a jump on competitors.

Why? People are going to shop and being at the top of the inbox gives you a greater chance. *** Engaged Audiences!

Scott DeRuyter, VP Marketing at Artful Home

Tim Watson

Find a standout subject line that is different to the standard ‘Black Friday deals’ type lines, try personalizing the subject line and offer.

And by the time it gets to late on Cyber Monday I’ll assume you’ve tried reaching everyone you can several times, pushing as far as possible, without damage to reputation and deliverability.

If that’s the case then 7 hours before you close out on cyber Monday, email everyone who clicked during the promotion but didn’t yet convert.

JR: Cool that is like 3 tips in one Tim. I like the follow up especially. “Did click, not convert” is a smart (and easy) way to find those that are interested.

Tim Watson, Founder at Traction Six and Zettaphere

Turn browsers into buyers and clicks to cash

Daniel Miller

As I start to see the thousands of ads on social platforms, I urge business to have a strategy to take likes and followers to actual email subscribers. Remember, you don’t own anything on social networks. You have much more control over email.

Giveaways are an excellent way to promote your products to new potential buyers while attracting hundreds of signps to your email list for under $0.50 a subscriber.

Facebook even offers integrated lead forms that connect directly into your email marketing service provider (ESP). Most ESPs offer an integration to add a signup form tab to your Facebook page.

For Instagram, use your profile URL wiseley. Point the URL in your Instagram account to a dedicated landing page. People who land on this page should ONLY come from your Instagram profile. Make sure to place a signup form on this page.

When you achieve the number of followers needed to do the “swipe up” actions, use this to promote your emails by asking subscribers to signup.

Daniel Miller, Co-Founder of goGet Into It Marketing Agency

Gregory Zakowicz

Pretty emails, animated GIFs, all well and good. But the animation doesn’t make someone choose your brand over the competition. Instead, center your messaging on what matters to your shoppers by promoting your value-adds in your emails. These might include:

– Free shipping (and threshold)
– Return policies, esp. free returns (offer extended returns for bonus points)
– Satisfaction guarantees
– Same-day BOPIS or curbside pick up
– 24/7 Customer support / live chat
– Whatever else actually matters to your customers

Bonus tip: For whatever reasons, weekends over the last couple of years have seen lower send volume throughout the season — yet people still heavily shop on these days. Use this to your advantage.

JR: Are you saying the weekend before, or after blackfriday or? What would you say is a good idea here?

We see it both before and after (and even the days between BF and CM, albeit those two days are higher than the others). A good idea would simply be to send on weekends in Nov and Dec., prob 2x per day. Those days are all doing at least 1B in ecom sales, some over 2B. Make it easy for them to shop!

Gregory Zakowicz, Director of Content at Omnisend

Kath Pay

The biggest area of opportunity I see during this period is to make the most of the increased traffic that’s coming to your site. Focus on the conversions, for sure, but don’t forget that consumers are looking around for the best deals, so they’re visiting lots of sites before making a purchase. The chances of making a conversion immediately from an unknown are not high, so use ALL touchpoints on the site to get permission to market to them.

Cotsworld Exitintent Overlay

Exit popovers work a treat here and also (it may be a bit late to do this for BFCM this year, but will be good for the Holidays in December) – Abandon Basket popovers to unknowns (like the one here) also work a treat – they enable you to gain permission whilst also working towards achieving a conversion.

Kath Pay, CEO & Founder of Holistic Email Marketing

Holiday Dance Break

Black Friday SaaS deals dance break!
We bundled over 45 Black Friday SaaS Deals. This will easily save you hundreds of dollars.

If that doesn’t make you dance, I don’t know what will.

Now on with more Conversion tips...

Nathalie Rockall

Don’t forget to think ‘post click’. Yes as email marketers we’re great at getting opens and clicks (in the email) but don’t forget to consider the whole purchase/booking process.

Is there something you can tweak in your campaign to make life easier and quicker for recipients who want to get hold of your offers?

Three examples:
1. Help pre-fill forms,
2. Ensure any telephone numbers in the email are clickable.
3. Send existing subscribers down a slicker / quicker route than Joe Bloggs who may be making your website creek due to sheer volumes.

Natalie Rockall, Director & Email Marketing Consultant at eleven11 Digital and Total Email Marketing

Your process, QA, and analytics

Doug Dennison

I guess you could take one of two approaches, or somewhere in between…

You could be slightly more reserved, hold off until the day itself, hyper-personalise your offering, and make your deal feel exclusive and special, OR you could go all-out and super discount entire product lines and SELL SELL SELL.

It really depends on your brand, and also what you’ve been doing all year up until now. If you’ve been running sales all year, chances are no one will be listening, but if you don’t (Apple as a key example), when you do… people listen up.

What we find works best, especially for brands in the luxury/desirable space, is to sell the quality of your products, showcase your company culture and ethics, and project your brand message, throughout the year, then on Black Friday reduce some of your lines slightly. Don’t cheapen your brand by going too low.

Do your homework – understand your target market, check your audience segments, fine-tune your offering to suit.

Doug Dennison, CEO at MailNinja

Taco De Koning

Bring it on! As an ever prepared marketeer, you have of course saved examples from yourself and your competitors during the 2020 Black Friday stampede. And if you are a dedicated e-mail marketeer, you might even have a separate mail account for that.

And please, please do not just copy paste last years newsletter or offers. Be creative. Be different.

My personal email marketing giveaway here: start testing 2 weeks earlier. Find a target group that wont mind being the guinea pigs for testing. Do a complete run with stuff like different designs, different offers, different subject lines. Sounds tiresome? How about the 20+ % upside for the real campaign that you could generate this way?

Ah and dont forget to celebrate when the sales are coming in. Stampede time!

Taco de Koning, Freelance CRM and e-mail marketing specialist

Mark Van Den Berg 1

My number 1 tip is to work with a plan or blueprint (so well organised) with a clear goal in mind.
Act on achieving that goal by following the steps of your plan/blueprint.
And for the content of the plan: dare to be different.

Mark van den Berg, Managing Director at Spotler

Cairjn Meijer

Most important is not mentioned yet: look at what happend last year(s). What worked well? What worked less?

Learn from what you did and keep learning. Not sure what to conclude from previous year(s) then put your hypotheses in A/B/C test. But only if your audience is big enough! So sad to see that marketeers sometimes make conclusions based on not – significant test results.

Carijn Meijer, CRM Consultant at TeamITG

Iris Guelen

You’ll need relevant data in order to analyze if your approach was a success.

Make sure to think of a proper measurement plan and UTM strategy that will help you analyze your success! ⚡. We’ve got some tips on how to do that as well.

Iris Guelen, Content Manager at Yoast

Segmentation and VIPs

Vinny Obrien

Hey Jordie, Segment your best customers first – use RFM or customer rating as per your platform. Give them early access to an offer or better again, exclusive offer.

And say thank you. This is a massive generator of revenue. Repeat this process 4-5 times per year. Make customers valued and ensure you actually do value them.

JR: I love that Vinny, coming together as VIP, loyalty and customer appreciation. do you know of any brands doing this (well) or even during BFCM?

Check out Tropicfeel – a truly stunning marketing rhythm -I literally buy on every open. Staggering. ThirdLove do a fantastic job – (though I am not in their category).

Younger brands in the EU are less active in my opinion on mail and it is an afterthought. I think with big privacy changes coming, email strategy will only become more important next year and beyond…

For good community emails, look to crowdfunding companies – community is everything! And look at post “backing surveys” the ultimate up sell tool.

Vinny O’Brien, eCommerce Consultant at Vinny & Co

Keith Kouzmanoff

99% of your success or failure will be on your data segments – How might you prepare?

Get a countdown email funnel going. Mostly preparing your volume for your BIG send and also in case your delivery dumps on that day you have already delivered messages lined up preparing your loyalty (segment) customers for the “Big Payoff” on your sale days and links that can redirect them to the FINAL HOURS, PAYOUT, SALE, BIG BONUS, EXTRA SPIN .. or whatever you chose to do. good luck!

Keith Kouzmanoff, Postmaster of Email at Inter7 Internet Technologies

Kasey Steinbrink

This is more of a pre #BFCM idea, but it could help a lot with segmentation and personalization for B2C brands.

Heading into the holidays, your subscribers are likely shopping for gifts instead of just themselves. Think of ways to personalize the experience around that fact.

– Do you know enough about subscriber demographics to segment parents, grandparents, spouses, etc?
– Could you use purchase histories from the same time the previous year to improve personalized product recommendations?
– Would a pre-holiday subscriber survey provide insights into how to segment and personalize differently for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
– What if you created a holiday shopping gift guide that helped you collect some data on what subscribers are looking to purchase this year?

Even a newsletter featuring web content with gift ideas for kids, spouses, teens, etc. could provide click data to inform you on how to segment your lists for more targeted holiday email campaigns.

Kasey Steinbrinck, Sr. Content Marketing Manager at Pathwire

Jesse Kennedy

May sound basic, but split test. Split test subject lines with a small segment early, split test content, CTAs, you name it.

Start with a smaller segment and send the winner to the remainder of your list. The incremental wins can make a big difference at a time like BF/CM (and Giving Tuesday).

Jesse Kennedy, Creative Director at Aweber

Jenna Tiffany 1

Segmentation, segmentation, segmentation!

If you’re heavily discounting, avoid sending recipients emails of discounted products who had recently purchased items at full price. It leaves a bad taste with consumers and starts to diminish any loyalty.

Instead, segment out recent purchasers of the products that are being featured. Instead, if you can, send those recent purchasers complementary products that are maybe now discounted that would be relevant to their recent purchase.

Jenna Tiffany, Founder and Strategy Director of Let’sTalk Strategy, Chartered Marketer

Juan Pablo Botero

Segmentation, personalization, heavy discounts (include % in subject lines), GIFs.

Don’t make them choose between too many offers at the same time, and retarget those who did not convert during the holiday season.

Also, by segmenting your database you will reduce deliverability issues with some email clients who are trying to handle a higher volume of emails at the same time.

It has not been an easy time for the (travel) industry, but we keep working hard to make people’s dreams travel. Stay tuned and follow our progress!

Juan-Pablo Botero, Marketing Automation Specialist at International Air Transport Association


Segmentation is the key. This is the time to show how well a business understands its customers and how well customers are segmented on the basis of their history. Now is the time to utilise the segments and run hyper targeted promotions.

So send discount deals to customers who are more keen on discount vs FOMO to those customers who never want to miss on new launches.

Sandeep Saxena, Founder and CEO at PostBox Consultancy Services

Holiday Dance Break

Black Friday SaaS deals dance break!
We bundled over 45 Black Friday SaaS Deals. This will easily save you hundreds of dollars.

If that doesn’t make you dance, I don’t know what will.

Now on with more Segmentation tips...

Markus Beck

Know your customer!

Clear-cut segmentation & personalization are the way to go.

Markus Beck, CEO & Co-Founder at tye GmbH

JR: Hi Christopher, Which of your tips is the absolute best / most unqiue one you’d like people to see here in the thread?

We just completed an ecommerce study with 2,500 shoppers. 38% said reviews directly on the retailer website influenced their choice. So that’s something to look at! 

It’s a great time to ask questions of your customers. Getting product reviews will help shape your inventory or order plans & add to your customer’s preferences. Carefully construct a survey that will update customer preference & product feedback. Then use the results in your next email campaign.  

A flash sale can burn out your audience so hold something back with an exclusivity offer. For example, show some items in your Black Friday offer as unavailable until Cyber Monday.

We also noticed it’s tricky to get Google reviews on your site so we made a simple tool for this. 

Christopher J Byrne, CEO & Founder at Sensorpro

Cause related marketing and changing the narrative

Chris Cano

Ethical marketing prompts – anything linking Black Friday promotions to fair trade, green initiatives, and social activism gets my business.

While it’s been a tough year, consumers still want that feel-good factor when they buy something, knowing that their hard-earned cash is going towards the greater good.

Chris Cano – Content Strategist & Senior Writer at dotdigital

Andrew Kordek 1

A big takeaway that we concluded from the recent customer sentiment study with Alchemy Worx was that consumers want to deal with companies who are humanized in their tone and ethical in their practices.

They also want companies who just don’t talk about diversity, but actually show it.

BFCM should be a reflection of your brand promise while showing what deals you have. It’s time to change the narrative in email marketing from deals/personalization to showing that you are a “real” company that truly cares about what you do, rather than what is on sale. Harmonize your messaging and be bold.

Andrew Kordek, Vice President of Customer Engagement at iPost

Gavin John

For our B2B investment brands, I’d say either be bold and get creative with your comms on BFCM (it’s an opportunity to humanise your brand) or avoid sending event reminders or product updates on these days completely.

Gavin John, CEO & Co-Founder at Stoneshot

Dalila Bonomi

Send more than one email, so building a campaign where you create a sense of urgency and remind customers that this is their last chance.

And since this is a difficult time, I personally find it nice the association with a good cause. Part of the income can be used to support those who need it for example.

JR: Building in empathy, I like it Dalila. What would you set on the foreground still the discount or the cause?
That depends on the campaign goals, I don’t have a personal preference😊

Dalila Bonomi, Design Researcher & Service Designer at BEE by Growens

Massimo Arrigioni

I love companies that try to change the narrative & speak to specific needs/emotions/values, like REI with their famous #optoutside campaigns. In this challenging 2020, companies that will do so and will resonate with where people are in their lives, will be able to break through the noise.

Massimo Arrigoni CEO at BEE by Growens

Emily Mcguire

I’m gonna keep it real simple – don’t include the words “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” in your subject lines. Every other brand and their mother is going to do the same. Your subject line will get lost in the deluge.

Try putting your own spin on it OR lead with your offer.

JR: We should make a list of spins / original subject lines ~ as inspiration. Being original is HARD! 👀

Emily McGuire, Principal at Flourish & Grit

Holiday Dance Break

Next up, Deliverability tips. But first it’s time for a Black Friday SaaS deals dance break!

We bundled over 45 Black Friday SaaS Deals. This will easily save you hundreds of dollars.

If that doesn’t make you dance, I don’t know what will.

Now on to Deliverability...


Sella Yoffe

‎In short, my tips from a deliverability 👓 are:

– make sure and recheck that mailing system (ESP) are authented – SPF, DKIM (also DMARC, BIMI).
– clean up and prepare the data (list hygiene, email validation)
– segment the lists – start “warming and ramping” email now to the most engaged (to keep it simple: for open metrics use opens before IOS15 release – until 01/10/21)
– throttle slowly before the BFCM to create audience anticipation) and warm all systems.
– allow customers to change their preferences using preference centers.‎
– follow the metrics

Sella Yoffe, Founder and CEO at Data Media

Teresa Anne Smith

If you have not cleaned your list in the last 6 months, give it a good clean before your #BFCM campaigns! 🧼🧹🧽

JR: What do you say to people that recommend the exact opposite? (BlackFriday is also the time that has biggest chance for reactivation I have heard).

True! I guess the biggest threats are inactive email addresses/ possible spam traps. If you are not cleaning your list, your email might not arrive in the inbox for those recipients to even have the chance to reactivate their subscription. The best thing to do would be to send a re-engagement campaign with some sort of #BFCM offer before any drip campaigns to ensure they still want to hear from you.

Teresa Anne Smith, Social Media Manager at SMTP2GO

Chris Donald

Remember those subscribers using AppleMail who have opted-in to the new privacy option will skew opens (depending on their portion size of your list) and also countdown timers based on opens will be effected by the loading of content on proxy servers. Also automations based on open rules will also be effected.

Give your VIP customers early access to BF/CM sales as a thank you and mention to order early as shipping and supply chains may impact product availability.

If you offer Gift Certificates make sure you have a plan to roll them out and promote around the time of your last shipping date for Christmas to give customers an option.

If you might have supply issues, be aggressive with early sales as people will be buying early to avoid sellout of products or shipping issues.

Chris Donald, Managing Partner at InboxArmy

Ben Harrington

My top 3 takeaways are:

If you send to your engaged and new subscribers all year don’t then decide to send to everyone, goodbye deliverability.

Be different

Understand your data but don’t forget these are likely to be gifts so think about your content.

Ben Harrington, Email Marketing Consultant at Truffleshuffle Media

Johan Terpstra

Intra-day Warmup. I have good expectations it will make a big difference in inbox placement. Start with the high engagers, then spread it out from there in increasing numbers.

JR: With intra-day, you mean on the same day or accross multiple days / sends?
Within the same day, yes. Proving your reputation again and again every day as an extra effort to stand out from less-scrupulous senders.

Johan Terpstra, Managing Director at Yawiss

Alberto Miscia

The very first thing that comes to my mind is that your emails should get delivered, otherwise it could undermine your strategy.

Consider that, during BFMC days, mailbox providers are particularly picky. Be careful when selecting targets, avoid mailing ppl you have not contacted for a long time or – worse – you have never mailed before. Start with most engaged recipients and keep an eye, or maybe two, on spam and bounce metrics. I wish you all a safe and “delivering” BFMC 😁 💗

Alberto Miscia, Head of Deliverability & Compliance at MailUp S.p.A


Right of the bat, I’d say… secure your deliverability (so you still have it for the holiday season)…

– Respect your customer’s time energy and focus,
– Respect your and receivers infrastructure

First thing I would verify deliverability of the emails addresses in your db, especially if you haven’t engaged with them regularly (know few tools to recommend, depending on your needs).

Then I would segment customers, so that personalised message can be sent – but by personalised I mean one that will be indeed showing the value to the customer, based on their interest and previous interactions with you.

Message itself should be respectful of their attention span too – they are getting plenty messages – let’s not fool them or mislead.

Being original and an intelligent sense of humour helps too – a good way to stand out.

To sum-up… RESPECT + being original, should work, I think 😉

Radek Kaczyński – CEO & Founder at Bouncer

Kshitij Hadke

Time for discounts for the eagerly awaiting audience. Coupled with eye-grabbing content a a subtle element like GIFs does have a good retention as well as conversion. Using the data segmentation to personalise the above does create a good engagement for the same.

Also this is the time to for the periodic clean up of email list for retargeting.

Kshtij Hadke, Cofounder at Philia Solutions

Komal Helyer

Hi Jordie – Encourage shoppers to get excited and prepared by adding a “wishlist” – this increases the chances of bagging that sale when the big event comes – check out the real life example from Freddy.


Everything about this email is striking and engaging. The imagery, the colour, the copy, the CTA, and the overall message.

Komal Helyer, VP of Marketing at Pure360 and Chair Email Council at DMA UK

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