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6 Steps to Building Your Downline Easily

A lot of people struggle when it comes to building their network marketing business. Why is it so? Lack of downlines seems to be the main cause of their problems. They are baffled at how some marketers are having a prospecting frenzy and building more and more downlines every week.

There is the old or traditional way of getting prospects – cold calling, getting people to go to hotel meetings and approaching your friends or relatives. But in this 21st century, there are newer and easier ways to build your downline. It involves using the internet to generate leads and build relationship with your prospects.

There are 6 steps involved when using the internet.

1. Getting traffic to your website.

In any business, traffic is king. You need to drive a lot of traffic to your website in order to get more prospects. The traffic must be targeted or else you will just be wasting your time. People who are not interested in your business will not sign up so you will be wasting your effort.

2. Setting up a squeeze page to get leads into your sales funnel

Most probably you have heard it lots of time – the money is in the list. When you drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page or also known as lead capture page or landing page, you will get leads. This means that you are also building your list. Even if they don’t join your network marketing business, you can still market to them over and over again, whenever you want. You will need to use an autoresponder to capture leads and also send messages to them.

3. Building a relationship with your prospects

You need to build and develop a relationship with your prospects. You can give them valuable and quality information and also relating to them. This will build trust between you and your prospects and in turn build a long-term successful network marketing business.

4. Pitching the right offer at the right time

You can’t straight away pitch your network marketing business to your prospects. They will be turned off and may even unsubscribe from your list. You need to presell to them by completing the 3 steps above. When you presell, your prospects will regard you as an expert or authority in network marketing. When this happens, your prospects will join any network marketing opportunity that you offer.

5. Making the sales

You don’t have to necessarily just sell your network marketing product. You can also sell other network marketing products or tool that can help your customers to get more prospects and increase their downlines.

6. Automating the whole process

The good thing about online prospecting is that you can automate the sales funnel in such a way that it generates endless leads, sales and build your downlines on autopilot. Your list will grow so big that you don’t have to worry whether your prospects join your network marketing opportunity or not.

If you follow the 6 steps above, you will be able to build your downline easily.

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