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Amway Marketing Plan: Today’s Strategy for Today’s World

What’s the matter with the old Amway marketing plan?

“Meetings is where it’s at” they say, and that traditional Amway marketing plan has worked for decades! But think about, decades ago things were a little different. A lot different.

But people tend to buy things from people they know and trust, right? However, think about last thing that you purchased, and how did you purchase it? I recently bought some Advocare products. I could have purchased from anyone, but I purchased these things from someone who I knew.

And guess where I met her? That’s right – online. I love marketing online because it opens up the doors for me to meet people who are more like me. (I work my day job in a small office with a bunch of engineers with whom I have nothing in common!) And, people who like what I like will want to buy from me, just like I wanted to buy from my friend on the other side of the country.

Hence, I would like to introduce a new Amway marketing plan…

So I get that it’s good to make friends with your prospective buyers and downline. But in what way is that that most of us are making our friends? Is it at work? Not for me. Is it your neighbors? Not for me. Those people are good acquaintances, and talking about the weather once in a while isn’t so bad. But let’s get real here. Don’t you love it when you get that feeling that you can really “connect” with another person? Isn’t it more likely that you meet that person online when you’re putting out feelers to thousands of people all over the world, and not just the handful of people you see in your own circle?

Make your Friends Online with Your New Amway Marketing Plan…

And with products like Amway where people will need them again and again, doesn’t it sense to find your prospects online rather than wandering around in Wal-Mart hitting on people who are trying to get away from you? Think about it. How attractive is a guy approaching you and “pitching” you on his product? Isn’t it more attractive to see this guy online who tells about this personal experience with an Amway product and the way it chanced his life?

The New Amway Marketing Plan…

Meetings are great to keep you motivated, but I’m strongly advocating that you additionally educate yourself with online marketing methods. And, but the way, the e-books and training videos that help you with taking Amway online will also help you with your mindset and emotional development as a marketer who uses attraction marketing.

Think Attraction Marketing for your New Amway Marketing Plan…

Like I said, how attractive is the guy approaching you in Wal-Mart with a case of Amway goodies, when you compare him to the entertaining video and compelling story you just read online that turns you onto the Amway products?

The new Amway marketing plan I would propose starts with blogging. You know how people like to buy stuff with people who they know, like and trust, right? Well, your own personal blog is the “internet you”. When you can tell stories about people you know or yourself and the success they’ve had selling Amway or using a product, you’ve made that emotional connection.

And what is a friend but an emotional connection? My suggestion is to take that time that the traditional Amway marketing plan instructs to wander around talking to strangers, and instead utilize the time learning online marketing strategies.

I’m not going to lie to you here, there is a bit of a learning curve to perfect you skills, like creating YouTube videos, learning SEO, viral marketing or pay-per-click. But when we are given that unlimited potential to broaden our horizons and evolve in different directions, intellectually, emotionally and financially, isn’t that the real secret to happiness anyway?

The Online Strategy of the New Amway Marketing Plan…

Current online marketing techniques will teach you the value of a funded proposal, which is that “front end” they talk about. It’s the thing that a large number of people are attracted to, at the top of your “marketing funnel“.

Remember, although people love to buy, they hate to be sold, so getting them into your marketing funnel while you “warm them up” with an email auto-responder is a great way to make that new life-long friend who will follow you in your business wherever you go!

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