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An Overview of The Copywriters Guild by Mike Dillard

The Copywriters Guild developed by Mike Dillard is a nifty little program developed for serious internet marketers who want to developed compelling and action based ads that can draw leads to them and their website. This is an important tool for a marketer because one needs a page that can immediately grab the attention of its viewers which can in turn begin to help facilitate the marketing and sales funnel process.

Also in this system one will learn how when writing your ad copy you can make it so compelling and create a sense of urgency that you will have leads flowing through your funnel at an extraordinary pace. We all know that if you want to market online you need effective advertising so that you can make sales which means money in your pocket. This system also helps if you want to completely distinguish yourself from the crowd and you want to create your own without any templates. If you can do that, this will also show your leads that you are a leader and can create your own which will allow for others to duplicate you and really put you at the forefront.

The Copywriters Guild is an effective tool to have but I think it’s most useful when and if you as an individual want to venture out into the world of individual ad copy creation. One last thing to remember and that is to always be creative and original with your own work because using others work can be harmful to your reputation and to your expert status.

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