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Blogging: Learn and Earn – It’s MUCH EASIER Than You Think!

Site promotion, SEO, social media, blogging, lead capture, link-backs, lead nurturing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, PPC, CPA, and the list goes on…

Ahhhh – help! Where to begin?!

… How ’bout right here, my friend?

Marketing your products or services online can be a time-consuming, overwhelming, and costly challenge these days. True enough even for Gurus, much less the ‘Net Newbies.

Got a large marketing budget? Great – outsource it! On a shoe-string budget? You must start out independently – which can be a good thing since this is how you learn as you earn – albeit at a much slower pace.

So where DO you start?

Well, eventually you’ll want to add practically every method mentioned: the more in-coming sales-funnels the better. You want search engines to find your site through various popular back-links, tags/key words, social media, online classifieds, articles, paid advertising and so on. In other words, you want your site to be in the middle of the “spider web”. You don’t want to depend on just one source of incoming traffic flow. But, in the meantime…

My suggestion? Blogging!

This is highly effective, and can really go viral if done correctly, with the right platform, content and training!

Blogging – that word alone can cause trepidation among many who feel they’re just not good enough authors – and that’s too bad because it really is easy and highly cost-effective (i.e., dirt-cheap), and these folks are sadly missing the boat.

Done correctly, this can automatically grow your “spider-web” with high search engine rankings, strong back-links, social media Likes, and so on. This is a gradual build, but can end up resulting in an ever-growing flood of traffic to your blog and subsequently, to whatever it is that you are promoting. You could end up with a huge list of followers – and sales.

Traffic – lead capture – list-building conversion: that’s what it’s all about!

So, do you think that all of this is over your head?

Think again – instead of “ducking”, how about catching the ball, taking action and jumping in? Do not miss out on this marketing phenomenon. It’s really easier than you might think – once you get started. Begin by reading other people’s blogs and articles – search for your favorite subject matter and dig in.

Remember the title of this article? Blogging: Learn and Earn! This is an understatement; this is where it all begins. Take care, good luck and God bless.

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