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Google Adds Music Genres As Placement Option For Video Ads

Google is rolling out a new placement option for video ads that allow advertisers to target specific types of music on YouTube.

The new “Music Mood Lineups” placement is designed to help advertisers reach users when they’re in a positive mood, as a significant amount of people report music makes them happy.

In an announcement, Google states:

“Music is a deeply personal medium and often reflects the listeners’ state of mind. In fact, a new Ipsos survey commissioned by Google shows that 48% of people in the US say that they consume music to lift their mood and 84% say that music makes them very happy.”

Google is launching the following five types of Music Mood Lineups in 20 countries:

  • Romantic
  • Happy & Uplifting
  • Chill
  • Downbeat
  • Funky Moods

When placing ads by Music Mood Lineup, ads will be served alongside videos pulled from the same mood signals that YouTube uses as part of YouTube Music playlists.

The Happy & Uplifting Mood Lineup, for example, contains videos from the Happiest Pop Hits and A Happy Alternative playlists and many other playlists that people are listening to to feel good.


Targeting by Music Mood Lineups is available to Google Ads advertisers in 20 countries.

All types of content targeting can now be found under “Content” in the side navigation of your Google Ads account.

“Topics”, “Placements”, “Display/Video keywords”, and “Exclusions” for all types of content targeting are now categorized under the “Content” tab in the side navigation menu.

For “Exclusions”, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the term “Exclusions” to select exclusions for topics, placements or Display/Video keywords.

Source: Google

Featured Image: Merla/Shutterstock

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