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Google Ads Launched New Performance Max Features To Help Marketers This Holiday Season

Google Ads is releasing new features for Performance Max campaigns. In addition, the company is sharing a series of best practices with the aim of helping companies increase their sales this holiday season.

In this post, you will learn about the main Google Ads updates and recommendations for you to improve the performance of your ads.

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But first, what are Performance Max campaigns?

Performance Max campaigns allow advertisers to utilize their entire Google Ads placement inventory in a single campaign.

They help marketers drive results based on conversion goals, which then drives higher performance and ROI through real-time optimizations across channels and smart bidding.

What are the new features in Performance Max campaigns?

Forecast the impact of Performance Max using Performance Planner

Performance Planner, previously only available for Search, Shopping, Display, App, Video and Local, is now also supported for Performance Max campaigns.

This will give marketers the ability to predict performance and simulate what can happen to their campaigns when budget, target, CPA and more are adjusted.

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Asset Group Scheduling

It is now possible to create automated rules for asset groups. You can, for example, schedule your ads to run for specific times and days that you want.

Add more text assets with an increased number of headlines

Now, the number of titles for your ad tests has gone from 5 to 15. Excellent news to get maximum results from your campaigns.

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In Performance Max campaigns with the Online Sales objective, you can conveniently identify fluctuations in performance, diagnose problems and receive recommendations to improve the future performance of your ads.

First-Party Audience Insights

You can add data segments as audience signals. This helps Google accelerate its automation capability to find customers who are more likely to convert.

In the coming weeks, these data segments will be added to audience insights and will help you better understand the value of your primary data and see which customer lists convert best in your campaigns.

Three best practices for Performance Max campaigns this holiday season

  • Before the holiday’s peak, adjust your Performance Max campaign budgets and ROAS or CPA goals. This will bring greater visibility when consumers are shopping.
  • If you have a promotion, sale or event that you want to improve conversion rates on in a short amount of time, consider using seasonal adjustments.
  • If your business is promoting a specific product this holiday season, create separate campaigns with its own goal and budget.

More news: To help advertisers better control the indicators and results of their campaigns, Microsoft has recently launched its import tool focused on Google Ads Performance Max.


After almost a year since its launch, Performance Max campaigns were created with the aim of helping advertisers increase their conversions using the full range of ad channels on Google.

According to Google, in 2021, 54% of shoppers used more than five channels to make purchases during that holiday period.

And that’s the big advantage of Performance Max campaigns.

Your company’s solutions can be present in the various channels where your customer is, in addition to allowing Google to optimize its campaigns based on data and generate insights to grow your company’s results this holiday season.

If you want to know more about this functionality and all Google’s recommendations for this holiday season, you can visit the Google Ads help center.

I wish you lots of sales this holiday season!

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