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Google Bard adds more search topics to “Google it” button

Google Bard is making it easier for people to explore more topics within Google Search by using the “Google it” button. Now when you ask Bard for help, clicking on the “Google it” button will give you a section named “search related topics” with one, two, three or more search phrases that you can click on to explore more in Google Search.

Search related topics in Bard. Again, if you click on the “Google it” button within Bard, you now are presented with “search related topics” with a few search phrases that Google thinks can help you with your journey.

Google said they “added additional suggested Search topics when people click “Google it,” so “people will be able to explore a broader range of interests with more related topics.”

Here is what it looks like:

Google Bard Related Topics Google It 759X600

Change log for Bard. Google also is publishing a new “updates” page that is a change log or set of release notes for what is new with Google Bard. Here Google will document some of the changes and updates it made to Google Bard, including the “search related topics” note from above and also that math and logic update from last week.

You can access the page at bard.google.com/updates.

Here is Jack Krawczyk from Google announcing this on Twitter:

Why we care. With this “Google it” update, this may be a new handy keyword research tool for some SEOs and SEMs to use. Maybe Google will give you new keyword phrase ideas to target with your SEO and PPC campaigns. Also, this may lead to new and more searches from a set of new searchers that come from Google Bard.

Finally, now you can see what is changing with the new and exciting Bard AI product from Google.

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