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Google Webmaster Guidelines Is Now Google Search Essentials. What Changes To SEO Professionals?

Would this be another Rock Content article about a Google update? Don’t worry, this time it’s not any substantial change that will impact your SEO strategy. I’m here to talk about the rebranding of Google Webmaster Guidelines to Google Search Essentials.

Apparently, Google doesn’t like the term “webmaster” because it’s dated and doesn’t represent all content creators. Remember the change from “Google Webmasters Tools” to “Google Search Console”?

“For the new name we wanted something generic, something that’s not focusing on just one slice of our visitors, but rather all creators on the internet who wish to see their content in Google Search.” – Google Search Central official release.

Well, on October 13th, the company broke the news and I wanted to add some comments to it.

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What is Google Search Center?

But first, (since Google itself is looking to be accessible to all content creators) let’s take a step back. Let me introduce you to Google Search Central.

It is nothing more than the SEO professional’s playground. It’s where you’ll find documentation on every Google search engine, get first-hand updates, and get access to events and free community support.

If you’re a marketer, here are some smart ways to tap into this hub’s features:

Finally, it is also possible to come across Google Search Essentials, a page that brings together the main parts that a piece of content must present to be qualified in the eyes of Google. Learn more about it below!

What has changed with Google Search Essentials?

Nothing essential here, okay? In addition to the name, the page has become easier to consume.

Here you can see how it was before the change. The page had excessive detail that can now be found within the “Technical requirements” or “Spam policies” of the new page.

Apparently, Google is striving to be people like us. And that’s what excites me the most! After all, as a consumer I will spend more time reading great texts. As a content creator and strategist, I feel my effort being rewarded.

Celebrate, SEO! This search for Google simplicity brings more understanding of what quality content is, as well as value to our profession.

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