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hide.me VPN acquires eSports team Valiance

hide.me vpn is used by gamers all around the world, and we’re big gamers here at hide.me vpn. So, we wanted to get involved with the eSports scene. That is why we are proud to announce that hide.me vpn have acquired a well-known Croatia-based eSports team known as Valiance!

Who are Valiance?

E0F12097 Who Is Valiance

Valiance was formed back in 2016 under the name ‘Valiance&Co’, so like us, they are veterans in their field. Valiance mainly competes in League of Legends. They are one of the most well-known and highly regarded eSports teams in the Balkans, being based in Croatia.

Just last month Valiance were seen as underdogs in the eSports Balkan League (EBL). They managed to come from 4th place to win the tournament outright, before going on to take part in Amazon’s EU Masters. This team has a lot of potential, and they work hard every day to push Valiance to bigger highs.

Why are we getting into eSports?

8009C1B2 Why Are We Getting Into Esports

hide.me vpn is used by gamers worldwide, and all of us here at hide.me vpn are big gamers ourselves. With eSports only getting more popular, we thought acquiring Valiance was a great way to get involved in this exciting and fast-developing market.

Our CEO Sebastian Schaub had this to say about the acquisition:

“We’re incredibly excited to enter the esports space with our acquisition of Valiance, a team that shares the same values as us. With hide.me being so widely used by gamers, we have paid close attention to the esports space for some time, and Valiance caught our attention.”

We don’t have any detailed plans to share. But, our main goal with Valiance is to give them the resources they need to excel at what they do best.

Follow and support Valiance!

E4A8245A Follow And Support Valiance

If you would like to follow and support Valiance, make sure to check out their website. Also, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and join their Discord. If you want to see them work their magic in-game, check them out on Twitch and YouTube.

Welcome to the hide.me vpn family, Valiance!

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