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hide.me VPN now supports 2FA! 

hide.me vpn has long been a proponent of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). We wanted our implementation to be perfect and easy-to-use, and we are confident it now is. We are proud to announce that hide.me vpn now supports 2FA! 

What is 2FA? 

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2FA is the introduction of a second type of authentication, the first and most common usually being your standard password. The issue with this is that, regardless of how complex and strong your password is, all it needs to be compromised is to end up exposed in some way. This could be through a data leak, or by falling victim to phishing.

By introducing a second form of authentication in this scenario, it doesn’t matter that the password is compromised. As the bad actor only has half of the information needed to access an account. This protects the account and gives the impacted individual time to change the password and restore full security back to their account. 

Using an authenticator app

F3A0A390 Using An Authenticator App

There are a few different types of authentication methods that are used as the second factor. The most common is using an authenticator app like Google Authenticator or Authy. This is what hide.me vpn has implemented. 

Using these authenticator apps is easy. Simply download them to your mobile device and you can use them to scan a QR code to enter the account to your authenticator (or you can add it manually via a code). And from then on you enter the six-digit TOTP (Time-based one-time password) along with your regular password when you log in to your hide.me vpn account. 

vpn-account”>How do I set up 2FA for my hide.me vpn account?

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Setting up 2FA for your hide.me vpn account is really easy. All you have to do is go to the Member Area and to the “Account Settings” page listed in the left-hand navigation menu. On this page, you will see the section titled “Two-factor authentication”. Simply click on the button and follow the easy-to-use setup wizard to get your account secured with 2FA. 

Need help? 

9973Bb48 Need Help

Do you have any questions about using 2FA or having some issues setting it up? No problem! Simply contact our 24/7 support team, they’re happy to help! You can contact them either via email at support@hide.me or by live chat. 

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