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How I Made My First Million on the Internet by Ewen Chia – Book Review

Title and Author: How I Made My First Million on the Internet by Ewen Chia

Synopsis of Content:

Chia maps out for the reader the basic steps required to set up an internet based affiliate business. While useful to the experienced internet marketer it is meant for the novice. A basic understanding of how computers work and how the internet works is necessary to understand the book. However the book does address the basics in marketing and affiliate marketing on the internet.

The author tells his own story to motivate the reader and make it clear that anyone can do this. He points out some of the errors he made which a reader can benefit from not repeating. He makes it clear that a great deal of work is involved and he spent over 8 hours a day for five years to reach great success and earn his first million dollars.

You will find here all the basics about affiliate marketing including identifying your niche, locating and qualifying products, building your list, marketing the products, generating traffic, creating front, middle and back ends to your sales funnel and duplicating the model.

This book is an excellent starting place for the affiliate marketer. It is not intended as a comprehensive manual. Every internet marketer must continue to learn more and more about the work to be successful. This is an excellent place to begin.

Readability/Writing Quality:

This book is well written. The text is broken into easily understandable blocks and well organized in outline style. He provides examples, illustrations, screen shots and valuable tips. This is easy to understand.

Notes on Author:

Ewen Chia is a very successful internet marketer who trains thousands from websites and speaking engagements. Beginning in 1997 he began his internet marketing career after having obtained his degree in management with honors from the Singapore Institute of Management. He began training others in 2007.

Three Great Ideas You Can Use:

1. You must have the right mindset to succeed in internet marketing. It requires a lot of self-education, commitment, consistent application of what is learned and hard work. The pay off can be substantial.

2. You must identify a market and then a niche within that market where there is a substantial demand for information or other products that can be satisfied with affiliate products. It is crucial to do the homework and make these choices carefully. Everything that follows requires the right market, the right niche and people willing and able to pay for the products.

3. To succeed you must treat this as a business and not a hobby. You must develop a clear and well thought out plan including what actions you will take each day to effectively drive traffic, build a list, and market your products. Once that system is set up and made as automated as possible it will pay off repeatedly with less work on your part.

Publication Information:

How I Made My First Million on the Internet by Ewen Chia

Copyright 2008 Ewen Chia

Published by Morgan James Publishing

Rating for this Book

Overall Rating for Book: Very Good

Writing Style: Very readable; well organized.

Usefulness: For anyone contemplating internet marketing this book is a must read. For those considering or doing affiliate marketing it will be very useful.

Difficulty: Moderate

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