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How to Generate Customer Leads

When you have engagement on social media, your blogs, webinars, and in-person events, that’s wonderful but it’s not going to generate customer leads.

A lead is someone who has given you some form of contact information that enables you to nurture them and convert them to a prospect and then into a buyer.

Here are some tips on how to turn engagement into leads.

Share Content from Your Website

When you get engagement on different platforms, such as a question on Facebook, or a discussion is started in a forum, share content with them from your website. This will entice them to provide more information to you, such as their email address and maybe their name.

Prove Your Value

Offer exclusive content to your fans on social media. If you create gated or partially gated content on a landing page on your site, this is a great way to provide value to your audience and move them to your email list. When you create this gated content, make a special landing page for each platform and put the link in your profile and your intro message.

Create Lead Magnets

Develop multiple lead magnets that you can promote where your audience is engaging on the topic they’re engaging with. So, if someone is discussing topic A, a lead magnet for topic A should be mentioned. Each platform should offer an overarching main lead magnet that attracts that group.

Make an Offer

Once you get certain types of engagement, make them an offer based on their engagement type. Are they brand advocates, event attendees, or contributors to discussions? Are they loyal fans, already customers, or volunteers? For example, if you have a social media group and you have some members of that group that often help others, they could be considered volunteers.

Make More Offers

The truth is, the more offers and opportunities you give your audience to end up on your list, the better. Put gated content via in-content links to expand on a point in a blog post topic. Add more gated topic via a pop-up or slide on each blog post page and page of your website.

Use Social Platform Features

Each social platform has different features that allow you to add more offers, links to landing pages, examples of your work, proof of your knowledge, or a show of your friends and engagement. Use those features. Fill out every single profile completely using all the opportunities each platform offers to allow you to move people toward your site. If you can put a link to your site, put a link to a special landing page.

Finally, be sure to participate, using lots of videos, images, and content that show your value and expertise. Make plenty of offers and provide lots of opportunities through lead magnets, content upgrades, in-content links, and so forth. This enables you to collect email addresses and build your email list.

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