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How to Make Money With Article Marketing – 2 Simple Steps

If you are looking to make money with article marketing there are a few things that you must learn before you give up and say that article marketing doesn’t work. I have been working online and tinkering around with different business models for a while and so many times I have read that article marketing is dead article marketing sucks and this and that. Just because it doesn’t work for you overnight doesn’t mean that its dead or extinct.

If you are really looking to make money and build an email list with articles and marketing then you must first learn that it’s all a numbers game. The more quality informational and helpful articles that you have out there the money traffic you can expect to make. So it would be safe to say that if I submit one article a day to 1 directory, I am going to get less overall traffic then someone who submits 10 articles a day to 3 directories. It’s just all in the math.

Step 1: Write more articles, take a look at your competition in your niche, check out the authors and see what they are promoting and average out how many articles they have submitted or are writing. In one of the niches that I am in a marketer has over 24,000 articles submitted. Now to the people who say article marketing is dead… Do you think a full time internet marketer would have over 24k articles submitted with out any ROI.

Step 2: learn what you want to do with your traffic, do you want to send them directly to a sales page of affiliate offer? Do you want to send them to a squeeze page or do you want to send them to a blog? When you figure this out the next thing to do is create a sales funnel.

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