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How to Start Your Dream Business and Create a Full-Time Income Using the Internet and Your iPhone

In this article I will reveal how to start your dream business and create a full-time income using the internet and your iPhone. These methods work for 2020 and will continue to work in the distant future.

How to Start Your Dream Business and Create a Full-Time Income Using the Internet and Your iPhone:

When I first started online back in 2007, I was so eager to learn all the tricks to creating income from the internet. I was obsessed with the idea of having complete freedom and enjoying my life on my own terms.

It was a HARD journey for me. But fortunately for you, I figured it out.

Here are the exact steps for creating an online business from scratch:

Step Number One

First off, we need to identify your target niche. The niche is the most important step out of all four steps. If you get this wrong, you will waste a ton of time.

Make sure to pick a niche in one of these topics: How to make money online, how to lose weight, how to pay off debt, how to attract what you want or how to find your soul mate.

These topics are full of hungry buyers. These people have problems they want to solve. So these are the niche topics I’d suggest you start your dream business around.

Step Number Two

Second, we need to pick a product to promote or have one created around the niche topic we chose. You can find affiliate products on affiliate networks or you can outsource the product creation on UpWork or Fiverr.

You’d be surprised how many online marketers don’t even create their own information products. If you are going to do affiliate marketing, I suggest picking a commission payout of 50 percent or higher.

Step Number Three

Third, we need to create an automated selling system to do the “selling and telling” for us. BuilderAll is my favorite sales funnel creator. You can find all sorts of information online for using it.

You will need to create a landing page and email marketing follow-up series. These will get you the leads you need and do the hard task of selling on your behalf.

Step Number Four

Finally, we need to get targeted website traffic to our sales funnel so we can convert those leads to paying customers. Solo ads, Google Ads and Bing Ads are the “go to” methods I’d choose.

Now that you know exactly what you need to do to create a full-time income online using the internet and your iPhone, I wish you the best of luck on your adventure!

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