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Introducing the next hide.me VPN and Kanaria NFT collaboration!

Back on the 3rd of February, we teamed up with the talented team over at Kanaria to release our first NFT item; the Legendary Guy Fawkes Mask. It was a rousing success, with all 20 of the masks that were available selling in just a few hours! 

Well, we promised we’d be back with more, and we are proud to reveal our next Kanaria NFT; the Guy Fawkes Cloak!

vpn-s-second-kanaria-item-guy-fawkes-cloak”>Introducing hide.me vpn’s second Kanaria item – Guy Fawkes’ Cloak! 

The first NFT we released was the Guy Fawkes Mask. Something that has become a symbol of anonymity and anti-censorship on the internet. For our second item, we wanted to continue to lean into that. That is where the Guy Fawkes’ Cloak NFT comes in.

The Cloak Legendary item is the next step in completing the full Guy Fawkes set for your Kanaria bird. The Cloak is a limited release of just 20 at 25 KSM each.  

Just like the Guy Fawkes Mask before it, every owner of the Cloak item will gain a lifetime subscription to hide.me vpn Premium. We were the first vpn company in the world to offer subscriptions through NFTs, and we are proud to continue the trend. 

The description of the item reads: 

“Essential garb for any budding revolutionary. Guy Fawkes’ Cloak is staple attire for those wanting to fight back against the institutions of Kanaria. People say they’ve seen wearers disappear before their very eyes. Could these stories be true? 

Regardless, the cloak doesn’t just look good, it has a use. It also gives you lifetime access to hide.me vpn Premium.”

Complete the Guy Fawkes look! 

We also want to announce that this Cloak NFT is the second in a collection of four NFTs based around completing the Guy Fawkes look for your bird. 

We will be revealing the next two NFTs in due course! 

We are constantly experimenting, and looking to innovate in the vpn space. And that fantastic response we received from the crypto and vpn communities from the initial NFT has only emboldened us to continue innovating with NFTs and VPNs. 

What is Kanaria? 

Kanaria is a platform built on top of a cryptocurrency called RMRK (pronounced remark). RMRK is hosted on the Kusama blockchain and is an innovative NFT platform. Allowing for what is essentially NFT lego. Plug and play pieces for your Kanaria bird. This platform provides NFTs with more utility and extensibility. 

If you would like to learn more about Kanaria, RMRK, NFTs, and why we chose to work with Kanaria. Please have a read of our initial announcement piece for the Guy Fawkes Mask. 

“When and where can I mint the second item?” 

The NFT sale will begin on the 29th of April 2022 3PM CET and you will be able to pick yours up from HERE.

If you are one of the 20 people to pick up this NFT, you can REDEEM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION HERE.

If you have any questions about this upcoming Guy Fawkes’ Cloak NFT sale, please feel free to contact our 24/7 support team. They will be more than happy to help! You can contact them by sending an email to support@hide.me.

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