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LinkedIn’s New Personalized Features & Enhanced Search

LinkedIn is introducing new features to make the platform more personalized and help users stay in touch with their communities.

For the first time, LinkedIn will include suggested posts in user feeds, which means you might begin seeing content from people you’re not connected with.

On the other hand, your content could be shown to those outside your network, possibly growing your connections.

In addition to suggested posts, LinkedIn is updating the main feed to provide tailored content and enhancing the search feature with extra filters.

Here’s more info about the improvements coming to LinkedIn.

Introducing Suggested Posts for Relevant Conversations

As engagement in LinkedIn posts has doubled in the past year, the platform is testing a new feature called “Suggested Posts.”

This feature surfaces trending conversations and topics within your industry, making it easier to discover and engage with content relevant to your professional interests.

LinkedIn states in an announcement:

“With Suggested posts, we’ll do the heavy lifting to find out what’s trending amongst professionals in your field and surface great conversations on topics that might be very relevant to you.”

Personalizing the Feed for Relevant Content

LinkedIn is changing its feed to show users more relevant content.

If someone you know likes or comments on a post, and it can help you learn something new, it will show up in your feed.

You’ll also see more posts from your connections and people you follow. This way, you won’t miss critical updates or chances to connect.

Expanding Search Functionality for Deeper Discovery

LinkedIn’s search feature is now more robust, allowing you to find valuable content from credible sources on topics you care about.

You can utilize new filters from LinkedIn’s search bar to discover newsletters, groups, events, courses, and trending news.

LinkedIn will also suggest timely topics when people search to help users stay current.

In a blog post, LinkedIn gives an example of what you can do with the new search functionality:

“Let’s say you’ve been hearing a lot about ChatGPT, and you want to get plugged into that broader conversation. You can search for ChatGPT to start learning. Then, after reading the latest buzz around the topic, you can filter for “Events” to find richer ways to engage with others who are also interested in ChatGPT.”

Improved Customization

LinkedIn wants to show you more posts and topics essential for your career.

To ensure you see the right content, LinkedIn might ask you a survey question about whether a post was helpful.

You can give your opinion, and LinkedIn will use the feedback to improve your feed.

Additionally, there’s now an “X” button to eliminate any posts you don’t want to see.

In Summary

The improvements to LinkedIn’s feed, search functionality, and the introduction of Suggested Posts and user feedback tools can help you discover more relevant content and foster meaningful connections.

Source: LinkedIn

Featured Image: Robert Way/Shutterstock

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