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New Yelp Fusion feature integrates Mailchimp, Roadtrippers, Realtor.com, more

Yelp has just announced its newest feature that integrates Mailchimp, Realtor.com, automotive, Roadtrippers, MetLife, and more. It’s called YelpFusion.

Incorporate Yelp content into Mailchimp campaigns

Mailchimp users with claimed Yelp Business Pages are now able to combine their marketing emails with content from Yelp. This includes their Yelp rating, recent reviews, photos, and business details.

By using Yelp content blocks in Mailchimp, businesses can highlight a favorite reviews showcasing a great customer experience, a photo from Yelp of a special dish or a recent home service job, or simply share their hours, location, and contact information.

Businesses can select and embed the best content from their Yelp account to show directly in the Mailchimp platform. The new Yelp content blocks link back to the business’s Yelp page.

Additional brand integrations

Automotive. Yelp Fusion will also integrate with dozens of auto manufacturers, including Ford Motor Company, Audi, and many more, flexible and scalable platforms to modernize vehicle infotainment and cockpit products.

Roadtrippers. Travelers using Roadtrippers will see Yelp’s content and data while planning their trips and throughout their road trip journey.

Realtor.com. Prospective homeowners can discover local businesses near the homes or neighborhoods they’re interested in, which can also be searched for by category using Realtor.com’s “Amenities” filter.

MetLife. The new “Find a Dentist” feature makes it easier for consumers to find great local dentists.

What Yelp says. “Giving Mailchimp customers the ability to add Yelp reviews, photos, location information, and other valuable content from their Yelp profile directly into their email campaigns helps businesses build trust and confidence with their audiences. We’re thrilled to partner with Yelp and bring their trusted content to millions of Mailchimp users to seamlessly leverage in their marketing efforts
ahead of a busy holiday season.” Joni Deus, VP of Partnerships, Mailchimp.

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Dig deeper. You can read more about these new features on the Yelp Fusion website.

Why we care. Admittedly, I wondered who in the world still used Yelp. But looking at some stats on their website, it seems that it’s still a profitable and growing resource for reviews, local discovery, reservations, and more.

Advertisers who manage Yelp accounts should at least take advantage of the Mailchimp integration. Social proof is a great way to drive in new customers, and showcasing Yelp reviews is an easy way to make that happen.

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