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Sales Techniques – Using The Exclusivity Close To Build An Aura Around Your Business

The exclusivity close is a wonderful sales technique that helps inflate the perceived value of your product. As you use it, you can also fan into flames a burning desire in your prospects to buy from you.

This type of closing technique appeals to a person’s cravings for a sense of identity. Truth be told, all of us need to feel belonged and also feel special (unique). Unless we find a way to satisfy this psychological need, we’ll remain in a state of discomfort. Thus if you can satisfy your prospect’s emotional need, you can get him to do your bidding.

Combining this technique with another that appeals to the fear of loss, you can concoct a lethal combination that can potentially bring your prospects to their knees begging for your stuff.

This is how to use the exclusivity close:

1. Create desire. Sell your prospect on the benefits of your product. This is important groundwork because he will not bother about what you throw at him if he has no desire for what you sell.

2. Explain why your product is not available to the man in the street. You can also tell your prospect what’s available to the public – a watered-down version that is also more expensive.

3. Describe the qualification that’s necessary to make the purchase. At this point, you can also emphasize other advantages this privileged group has that the man-in-the-street cannot enjoy.

4. Tell your prospect he is qualified to make the purchase since he qualifies. If he doesn’t, explain to him how he can qualify or make a special arrangement so he can qualify.

The best way to learn how to use this technique is to observe how other businesses are using it. Take a drive down to the city and see which retailer feels more exclusive. Then ask yourself why…

Financial institutions selling credit cards often use this technique. An applicant for a Platinum Card has to earn a minimum annual income of $100,000 before his forms can be considered for approval. However they’ll (quite frequently) lower this criterion to allow more credit card sales.

Using the exclusivity close, prospects are thrilled to be part of the elite group even though they are not earning close to $100,000. They feel a sense of privilege to be allowed into the fold. Thus closing these prospects is like shooting fish in a barrel. Almost all of them will send in their application form.

To create a sense of urgency, these promotions have a short dateline. This motivates most of their prospects to sign the forms instantly.

You have an easier job – these businesses have already blazed the trial. You only have to glean their ideas and implement them into your business to enjoy the results.

Although the exclusivity close cannot catapult you into celebrity status right away, you can immediately enjoy the privilege of letting your hungry prospects into your exclusive club while making money from their sale.

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