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Systeme.io Affiliate Program – 50% Lifetime Commission

Systeme.io Affiliate Program Introduction

This article explains how the Systeme.io affiliate program functions and how you can promote Systeme.io to earn 50% lifetime commissions.

What you’ll require is:

  • To be a member of the Systeme.io Affiliate Program (sign up for free to the affiliate program to receive your affiliate link and access to the affiliate dashboard).

Also, our recommendation before you start as an affiliate is to get familiar with the platform, as much as possible. To help you with that, feel free to read our detailed Systeme.io Review.

Systeme.io Affiliate Program Review

Across all affiliate programs, it offers some of the highest payouts.

Systeme.io affiliates make money by promoting the company’s digital goods, services, and resources.

You can make 40% of the plan’s cost for the rest of your life by using the Systeme.io affiliate network.

You only need a free account to promote the program.

You just need to sign up, get your affiliate ID, and start advertising to get going for free.

Systeme.io Affiliate Program
Systeme.io Affiliate Program Review
What is Systeme.io?
Systeme.io is a quick and easy marketing solution with all the features you require to start, develop, and build your online business. Make and administer online courses, run affiliate programs, create sales funnels, build websites, send emails, manage affiliates, and automate nearly every part of your business.
Cookie Duration
Promo Materials
Payout Options
Systeme.io Affiliate Program Pros
50% lifetime commissions.
Cookies last for 6 months.
Your affiliate link is attached to every email Systeme.io sends to your referrals.
Free plan available, high converting landing pages.
Anyone can be an affiliate. There are no conditions or sign up reviews.
Various offers to promote.
Low payment treshhold at $30
PayPal payouts
Systeme.io Affiliate Program Cons
Become A Systeme.io Affiliate

How Does Systeme.io Affiliate Program Work?

When you register with Systeme.io, you automatically become a member of their affiliate network and receive a special affiliate ID.

The link will appear in your email after registration and in your affiliate dashboard.

Simply direct visitors to their website, and they will turn them into paying clients.

When Systeme.io plans or courses are sold, you receive a 50% pre-tax cut of the total sales price.

Most importantly, the contacts you submit are tagged in the database with your affiliate ID, so even if they don’t make a purchase for six or twelve months, you will still receive commissions. This is a lifetime affiliation, and it’s the best part of Systeme.io affiliate program.


How Does The Lifetime Affiliation Work?

Your affiliate ID is permanently associated with your referral’s email address after they sign up using your affiliate link after you’ve referred them to Systeme.io

Your affiliate ID is included in every email they send to your referral (Systeme.io does this automatically)

Compared to just using cookies, their affiliate tracking system is more efficient. People frequently use different devices, thus if they choose to register for Systeme.io using their mobile phone, tablet, or another computer, a cookie might not be present.

While with their affiliate tracking, your affiliate link will still be connected to emails sent by us to those who have signed up using your affiliate link and who get those emails on multiple devices. (And this URL never expires, unlike cookies.)


You will still receive credit for the sale as an affiliate if the individual you referred subscribed to Systeme.io email list using a different email address than the one he used to sign up on his home computer a year later when he receives an email on his phone while on vacation, clicks the link, and purchases the offer.

Your affiliate ID was associated with the link when they clicked it, allowing Systeme.io affiliate program to identify you as the affiliate who sent them their website.

Remember that the affiliate program relies on the most recent cookie. The sale will be credited to the other affiliate if they referred the same lead in the meantime using their affiliate ID.

How To Promote Systeme.io?

If you want to promote the Systeme.io affiliate program, simply add ?sa=YOURAFFILIATEID at the end of the URL whenever you reference a Systeme.io page. This can be the home page, a blog post, or any of the Systeme.io landing pages, sales pages, or payment sites. So long as it is a component of System.io)

For instance, the affiliate link for the blog Systeme.io

https://systeme.io/blog is the URL to promote.

If your affiliate ID is sa00415251941e36484ccfcf9ef1041078be3cd4a0, for example,

Thus, to promote this page, please use the following affiliate link: https://systeme.io/blog/?sa=sa00415251941e36484ccfcf9ef1041078be3cd4a0

Go to “Dashboard” and then “Affiliate Dashboard” to locate your affiliate ID and your various affiliation links. When you sign up for a vendor’s affiliate program, links to the offers that they put on the marketplace will show up on your Affiliate Dashboard.

Systeme.io Affiliate Program-Offers

Payout Options And Conditions

Simply pick “Settings” from your menu by clicking on your profile image to access the affiliate commission payment settings. After that, choose ” Affiliate commissions payments settings” from the left menu.

From there, you can select the method of receiving your commissions. You must first select a commission payment option – Wire Transfer or PayPal – in order to earn your commissions.

Systeme.io Affiliate Program-Payout

Commissions are paid on the 10th of each month under the following conditions:

  • You have to correctly fill in your profile information so that Systeme.io can generate the correct invoices.
  • The total amount of your commissions must exceed $30.
  • The time period between the purchase of the sent contact and the payment of your commission must be longer than 30 days.

Example: the contact you sent via your affiliate link makes a purchase on 13/06/2022, Systeme.io will generate the invoice, and you will be paid on 10/08/2022.

  • the commission payment always occurs between 30 and 60 days, no more and no less if all the conditions are fulfilled
  • the links to share a sales funnel are affiliate links

Systeme.io Affiliate Program FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a subscription to Systeme.io to promote the affiliate program?
    Not at all, no. To get your affiliate link and access to the affiliate dashboard, simply sign up for the affiliate program for free.
  • I am a customer of Systeme.io, and I receive affiliate commissions, will I continue to receive them even if I cancel my subscription?
    Yes, whether or not you are a customer of systeme.io has absolutely no bearing on whether or not you participate in the affiliate program.
  • Can we have the contact details of the contacts we have sent with our affiliate link?
    Sadly, no, as this information must be kept completely private.
  • Can we have the contact details of the customers who have purchased through our affiliate link?
    The possibility exists that the affiliate dashboard's sale details will include the email address.
  • Can I use my own affiliate link to purchase subscriptions/courses?
    No, being your own affiliate is prohibited.
  • What is the Systeme.io affiliate program's cookie duration?
    6 months (but in each email they send to your referral, your affiliate ID is attached every time).
  • Final Thoughts

    There are 3 premium plans and a free plan available on Systeme.io. The best thing you could do is encourage your referrals to sign up for a free plan. Systeme.io guarantees that they will handle the process of turning leads into customers. Selling $7 courses might also bring in revenue for you. Systeme.io will create a list of potential customers during this process and advertise its tools. In any case, Systeme.io affiliate program is one of the more lucrative since you can get lifetime commissions.

    Have you ever worked as an affiliate for Systeme.io? We’d be interested in hearing about your professional experiences.

    I hope that our Systeme.io affiliate program review will be useful to you to become their affiliate and start earning online. Good luck!

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