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The Reverse Funnel System vs Old-Fashioned MLM

For those of you who might not know about the Reverse Funnel System (RFS), it is an online marketing system developed by Ty Coughlin. It has been garnering rave reviews from the top of the network marketing industry for a couple months now.

Why all of this hype and excitement over one of the many online marketing opportunities out there? This article will explain why the industry has been clamoring for an opportunity like this.

The best way to really understand how revolutionary the Reverse Funnel System is happens when you compare it to traditional MLM business opportunities. The Reverse Funnel System is a highly automated, and high converting sales and marketing system. It has eliminated the following for its users, hallmarks that were synonymous with old fashioned MLM:

o Hotel “colt” like meetings

o Products that are hard to pitch face to face

o Pressuring family and friends to buy products or become involved as a business partner

o Spending money on expensive seminars

The Reverse Funnel System has basically taken the drudgery associated with MLM and replaced it with a fully automated sales and marketing system. The RFS has taken away any possibility for the human element and/or any learning curve to cause any problems when building your organization. This fact makes the system more duplicable to new users and helps an owner grow their organization (downline) much quicker and more efficiently. Driving traffic to a website is the only thing a new owner has to concentrate on, RFS does the rest for you.

My hope is that this article gave you insight on to how the Reverse Funnel System stands above any other online or network marketing opportunities out there today. Keep one thing in mind, although the RFS is highly automated and gives you every chance to succeed, hard work and dedication is still needed to achieve great wealth and success.

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