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Three Ways to Boost Website Conversion Rate Quickly

The ability to boost website conversion rate is essential to greater online profits because it will instantly reduce customer acquisition costs because you are generating more sales with the same traffic. That means even a modest 10% increase in conversion rate can literally boost overall profits by 20% or more. Now in the ideal world, you would perform systematic website optimization using detailed on site and traffic analysis to isolate under performing sales tools and then fix them in a process that typically takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete. However, if you don’t have that kind of time and need to boost website conversion rate quickly, here are three proven strategies to consider:

  1. Refine Paid Traffic Campaigns
  2. Adjust Pricing
  3. Modify sales funnel

Refine PPC and Paid Traffic Campaigns

Most PPC experts are only interested in driving traffic and reporting average cost per click and click through rates when they really should be concentrating on conversions. If you are using Google AdWords, you can configure campaigns to track conversions so you can see exactly what keywords are converting and which are not. So to boost website conversion rate, simple pause or delete the non-converting keywords which will reduce your traffic spend without decreasing your conversions.

If you don’t have conversions configured, login into your AdWords account and click on the campaign you want to refine. Then, click on “tools” which will bring up a drop-down menu where you then select “conversions”. Next, just follow the on page instructions to set up these three goals:

Thank You Page

5 Minute Visit

5 Page Views

These are all high-value prospects if they complete one or more of the conversions listed above. Now we do advise you get a sample size of at least 1,000 visitors before beginning to refine your campaigns. That way, you don’t delete any keywords that might not convert in smaller sample sizes.

But by eliminating non-converting keywords, you can often eliminate up to 50% of your paid traffic budget without harming conversions. This is one of the surest and fastest ways to boost website conversion rate for websites with significant amounts of paid traffic.

Adjust Pricing

Now this may seem too simple and counterintuitive to be feasible, but reducing pricing can be a very profitable web optimisation strategy for sites with front and back-end products. By reducing the price of the front end product, you boost website conversion rate enough to more than compensate for the front end revenue loss via increased back-end online sales which are typically more expensive and often involve continuity billing.

And, just like physical retailers who discount one or two specialty items to increase foot traffic, reducing pricing on one or two items or services for your online store can capture sales you would have otherwise missed while still loading your database with paying customers to target in future promotions. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the numbers but most clients are shocked to find that they can actually reduce pricing on some items to more than recoup the money in back-end online sales and leveraging their larger list of customers.

Modify sales funnel

Many clients have poor conversion rates because they pre-screen and pre-qualify to the point that it scares off all the prospects, even the good ones. So for lead generation sites, one of the quickest ways to boost website conversion rate is to reduce the number of required fields necessary to complete a conversion. For instance, let’s say a site collects these four fields:





Asking for all four fields to be completed might net a conversion rate of around 3% but if you simply remove the phone requirement, it could jump up to 10% or higher as quickly as you make the change. And while the loss of phone data seems critical, just remember that if your conversions jumped up that much, you could more than compensate for the loss of phone information with 2 or 3 targeted emails that could further refine or pre-screen prospects exactly as you wanted to do in the first place. Except now, you’ll not only get the phone number from the best prospects you wanted, you’ll also have a much larger list filled with future prospects that you can personally market to later-or sell for additional profits to other companies.

So if you boost website conversion rate enough, you can still pre-screen the prospects using emails and end up with a larger list that you can monetize for even greater profits. Website optimization is truly a no brainer.

Concluding Thoughts

While all three of the strategies listed above will instantly boost website conversion rate, they are not suitable to all niches or business models. And for best results and to increase conversion rate for maximum online sales, you really want to use systematic website optimization.

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