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Top 6 Insights From The State Of Inbound Marketing 2022

In a fantastic collab, HubSpot, Rock Content, Litmus, and Wistia just launched the State of Inbound Marketing 2022, a new report to help marketers prioritize their strategies and outperform their goals. 

We collected data from 1,600+ B2B and B2C marketers around the world and across industries to find out:

  • Which channels marketers are using
  • The most effective Marketing strategies
  • Emerging trends in Marketing

I read the full report and here are my top 6 insights. But if you want to read the full report, just click on the image below and download the document!

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Top 6 Insights from the State of Inbound Marketing 2022

1. Budgets are increasing and marketers are working smarter

Almost half (48%) of Marketing teams expect their budget to increase in 2022, up from last year. More campaigns and a broader reach are possible with more funding, giving teams more creative freedom to test new channels.

Marketers are working smarter, not harder. Templates are one of the most popular and effective tools for fast-paced Marketing teams. 

2. The data privacy issue is changing Marketing (for good) 

Access to data will become harder and harder. iOS14 altered how information is collected; multiple browsers have killed the 3rd party cookie, and GDPR and other similar laws are becoming stricter.

The best, maybe only, way to create this future-proof Marketing is by creating an outstanding online presence with fantastic content and a well-structured, privacy-oriented data collection strategy. 

3. The most effective content is funny and interactive

Content Marketing is a top priority for Marketing teams and content is becoming more interactive. The State of Inbound Marketing 2022 report also says that marketers are increasing investments in interactive content formats, like quizzes, to engage on social media and collect valuable information from their audience.

The audience is no longer satisfied with static content like white papers and ebooks, and marketers need to differentiate themselves to stand out. But another very important reason is that interactive content is an amazing way to collect rich first-party data.

4. Quality content wins over quantity

83% of marketers believe creating higher quality content less often is more effective. Making the highest quality content possible, even if it means posting less often, will contribute to creating a journey that turns one-time visitors into fans of your content and your brand.

If your strategy still doesn’t include the creation of an owned channel with great content, that’s the obvious first step. Having your blog, podcast, or newsletter is no longer optional if you want to cover the entire customer journey.

You can’t simply rely exclusively on building on “rented land” – PPC or Social Media – because that means you’ll be hostage to other companies’ algorithms and privacy laws that could change at any time.

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5. The main challenge for marketers is creating engaging content

Social Media Marketing teams are facing continued challenges in keeping up with the demands to create, produce, and publish high-quality content, reach audiences, and engage with them.

Videos are the top Content Marketing media format for the third year in a row and short-form video has the best ROI compared to other video formats. The video format combined with interactive content is an effective way to engage and capture data.

6. Organic is the top web traffic source 

This might not be a surprise for most marketers. Organic inquiries on search engines represent 27% of the total web traffic source. Having a content strategy with associated keywords and SEO optimization is critically important for online visibility.

Keep in mind — all web content should be responsive and optimized for mobile, desktop, and tablet views. Providing a good user experience with fast-loading pages and quality content is key to ranking first. Content audits should be part of every Marketing org to reveal strengths and weaknesses in your content strategy. It can benefit companies of any size, from small businesses to corporations.

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These were my main insights while reading the report. I invite you to read the full State of Inbound Marketing 2022 report and get more insights into your company and into your Marketing strategies. 

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